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10 White Hat SEO Tips for IT Professionals

I’ve been doing some work lately in the murky waters of SEO.  It’s an interesting area in which to investigate, and I’ve come up with a few steps to help your make the most of your marketing (from and IT perspective).  We’ll never know how to do a perfect job of SEO, but you can improve your companies marketing by doing some or all of the following 10 steps.

The biggest tip is: Where people go, so will search engines.  Make sure your site is useful and informative, and engage with your customers.

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Google Plus, Google Profiles and Google Buzz STILL Not For Google App Users

Well here is a bit of a rant, I’m a firm believer in Google Apps for small business and for vanity domains, they offer a fabulous email service and a whole pile of other excellent tools for the great price of $0.  However… Continue reading →