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Adobe Can’t Spell Microsoft

Never let it be said that this blog doesn’t deal with the serious and critical issues that are affecting technology and business.  But…

I know that business names are not necessarily included in dictionaries, but I found out today in Adobe Dreamweaver that they can’t spell Microsoft.  Go figure.

Adobe Can't Spell Microsoft

Adobe Can't Spell Microsoft

Microsoft Exchange 2007 550 5.7.1 Unable to Relay on Additional New Domain


I was asked to add a new email domain onto an existing Microsoft Exchange 2007 installation.  The company was launching a new venture and only wanted a few people in the business to have an email address on the new domain, easy enough to do.  We’ll call the new domain and the original working domain

Started off in Active Directory by adding additional meta data to the people who were going to be concerned with the new venture into a new department, so I could use this later for the email policy.  I added onto the department attribute in Active Directory.

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