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PS3 Modern Warfare 2 – Definately Cheating…

I know this is an on-running theme on my blog, but I hate cheaters, or more specifically those who tamper with a perfectly good game!

See the screen-shots attached, was quite impressive watching it, but even so I would have preferred to play the game properly.


God Mode

Destroy Vehicles

Teleport Everyone


Auto Aim – Start

Auto Aim – Bone [sic?]

Auto Aim – Stop

Super Jump

Spawn 3x Bots

Bots Play

Super Bomber

Super Harrier

Flame Thrower


I found this link

PS3 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Cheats or Glitches Again?

Well, here I was playing MW2 on PS3 again this evening, and I was getting some strange things going on, see the pictures below.  I was greeted with a screen saying:

Welcome to the challenge lobby ADSL Gate

hla walla .. Ar7b!

It looks like some clever fella(s)/gal(s) has created some sort of cheat program/mod for MW2.

Looks like it could be these guys at Code Reality, there are some similar screen shots to what I saw at FiveStarGamerz.

To be fair I don’t want to play a MW2 mod, being put in a game without a choice is somewhat annoying.  If I can’t get a fair game of MW2 I think I’ll be finding a new FPS.

PS3 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Cheats or Glitches?

Well, on a Friday night I decided to sit down and play a game of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Now, I’ve had feelings for a good few months that it appears that some people are cheating. I don’t just mean the guys who sit in the corner of a big map trading head shots and kill streaks with one another (which really really annoys me, but thats another post), but I mean really cheating.

I’ve had feelings that with the peer to peer method that MW2 you could in theory use some very clever networking bits to slow down or fool the other peers on your network. Since each peer appears to decide which is the best peer you could spoof some ICMP information and make it appears you have a huge phat pipe and you host the “server” from here you could in theory wreck havoc. I’ve lost connections once or twice when I’ve been winning (only seems to happen on Free For All or 1v1), but hey hum far be it from me to accuse people of cheating.

But tonight I joined a game (randomly not an invite from a friend), and joined the game with my team winning a very healthy 173 to 157 and dominating all the points, as well as having an Apache in the air. So off I ran with my akimbo shotguns, and then realised there was also a tactical nuke inbound.

This is when I started thinking it could be a little dodgy…

EMPs from our team were coming in almost perpetually, also so did the Apache gun ships, and the tactical nuke was 10 minutes away.

Now, I’m not saying people were cheating it could very well have been a glitch but looking at the other players kills they were off the chart! Was very interesting, firstly how there was an unlimited supply for gun ships and EMPs, and also how on earth was the nuke 10 minutes away?! Never seen it before, and for your amusement see the pictures attached.