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How to Add Different Disclaimers using alterMIME and Postfix based on Domain

As you may have gathered from my previous blogs, I like Postfix, one thing I love about it is how modular it is.  This became especially evident today when I was asked to make sure that all emails go out with the appropiate disclaimer on it.  This company has one MS Exchange mail server which services a hand full of different companies’ domains.

It transpires that adding the pretty signature via a pretty Outlook stationary item is not an option, with the mix of ActiveSync enbaled devices among staff (ie iPhone & HTC), people using Webmail at home signatures were not always getting applied neatly via Outlook.  So we had to find a workaround to make sure the stationary gets attached.

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Saving Bandwidth the Postfix Way

I often work with smaller organisations make their IT run smarter and better and allow them to save money.  An on running theme I’ve come across for the last couple of years is internet speeds.

For instance one company I’ve worked with is the parent company for 4 other organisation, they run some centralised services from their head office location which all the other companies connect to over a business DSL service with a VPN ontop.  Each company also runs it’s own mail server on their own network.

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