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Useful SSH Commands (Including Mac OSX)

SSH Port Forwarding Examples

SSH is a very flexible and very useful tool for those of us working across multiple systems sometimes in multiple locations.  Here are a few SSH commands I regularly use and include mostly SSH port forwarding.  I use all these commands regularly on Linux and Mac OSX and they all work quite happily!

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Using SSH as a SOCKS VPN on Mac OS

Mac SOCKS Server Panel

This post seems to follow on from my previous post regarding a quick and easy proxy server on Ubuntu!  And sticks with the proxy theme quite nicely.

I’ve come across a couple of corporate VPN solutions that appear to open a SSH tunnel for the VPN and push all traffic down it accordingly.  Sometimes it’s very useful to be able to test routing from a remote source, or to give your users a cheap and quick VPN.  (As well as in this case the VPN and Firewall provider didn’t provide a native Mac VPN client.)

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