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Securing WordPress from Brute Force Attacks by Country Blocking on Nginx

After having looked after a number of WordPress websites over the last 7 years or so it has become apparent that the number of brute force attacks specifically targeting WordPress is increasing. I know it isn’t a matter of if one of these attacks succeeded but when. This tutorial won’t completely get rid of all brute force attacks, but it should reduce them quite a lot.

As a totally unscientific observation I was going from around 10,000 attempted logons a day, to only a couple of dozens actually getting as far as authenticating.  All this without inconveniencing either myself or my customers!

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How to Install WordPress with SSH and Nginx

It feels like I’m installing a WordPress site just about every week, and I’ve put the following together to help me remember how to do it!  If it comes in useful to anyone else then I’m happy too.  We’ll assume you’re using Ubuntu 11.10 for this How To and running a LEMP server, although tailoring for Apache should be easy enough too using this method.

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WordPress not Updating – Asking for FTP Details – Fixed

Wordpress Asking for FTP Details

I was asked to have a look at a particular problem on a WordPress site, where nothing was auto updating at the click of the appropriate button, it was going and asking for FTP details that we didn’t have and shouldn’t have even needed.

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