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Black Ops 3 NAT Type Strict & PS4 NAT Type 3 with pfSense Fixed!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything even remotely related to gaming, so I suppose this is a nice distraction!  Since Sony gave us COD blops 3 in the PS+ I’ve been enjoying the fun of running around shooting people and reliving the MW2 days.  However matchmaking has always been a problem with my PS4 reporting NAT Type 3 and blops 3 itself report NAT Type Strict.  I use pfSense at home and have spent weeks trying to fix this, and in the end once I knew what to do it was easily fixed!

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Modern Warfare Black Ops Impressions

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’ve been rather busy in my spare time…

I know there has been some debate as to whether or not Call of Duty: Black Ops is any good or not, here are my initial findings.

Campaign Mode.  I actually much prefer the twists and turns of Black Ops than MW1 or MW2.  Really enjoying it, without wanting to spoil it for anyone being bi-polar in a computer game is certainly a new one for me.

Zombie Mode.  I’ve played this briefly and it seems like it could be fun, will try to play some more and see how it gets on.

Online Mode.  Urgh.  Looks and feels really “noddy”, basic, horrid, don’t like it.  Think I’ll stick with MW2 for the online bit.

Overall I feel that if you treat Black Ops as a stand alone game on it’s own merits it’s pretty good!  Great cinematic, great script, wonderful on edge suspense.  Online, I’ll just class as ‘meh’.

Spelling and Modern Warfare Black Ops

Two things, firstly I’ve found a word Firefox can’t spell!  “Daren’t”.  Hm, it’s not that a strange word is it?

No proper post today, looking forward to Modern Warfare Black Ops being release tomorrow.  Not sure if I’ll buy it and play it now, or if as the other half says get it and save it for Christmas, hm.  Sensible in a way I guess.

I know there is some talk about it won’t be as good as the previous installments since it’s from a different developer but if it’s half as entertaining as the rest then it should be good.  Plus it’ll be nice to play a new game where people don’t have the cheats for it yet…