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How to Configure Windows 2012 NPS for Radius Authentication with Ubiquiti Unifi

In a corporate environment shared key encryption is rarely used due to the problems associated with distributing the appropriate keys. In the corporate wireless world many organisations prefer to use 802.1x or Radius authentication so that their users can log on to the wireless networks with their domain credentials.

I was recently asked to set up just s system with Unifi access points and controllers on Windows Server 2012 with Microsofts own Radius solution NPS (or Network Policy Server) and 802.1x. There is plenty of information out there but I found that some of it was out of date and others were missing some fairly key components. So I present this tutorial to hopefully helps others get this up and running as quickly as possible.

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Steam & Valve IP Ranges

After spending a fair amount of time trying to find the IP subnets which Steam uses I came up a blank, so I went to Arin.

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Backing Up All MySQL Databases Individually using Cron

If we’ve got a whole pile of databases on a server, it’s possible that not all of them will change regularly.  If we’re backing up with something like rsync it makes sense not to do a whole database dump which would mean big perpetually backups so lets backup our databases individually.

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A Tinyproxy Transparent Installation on Ubuntu 12.04 with HTTPS Support

Update: It appears as of June 2013 that the Ubuntu repositories now have compiled Tinyproxy with transparent support.  So unless you want to build from source for any other reason you may be better off following my tutorial on installing Tinyproxy on Ubuntu (just remember to change the default port numbers as appropriate).
If you want an easier way to get Tinyproxy working and don’t want to use transparent support try this post to install Tinyproxy on Ubuntu.

The repositories for Ubuntu don’t have Transparent Support enabled for Tinyproxy.  Some firewalls and corporate installations need to use transparent proxies if they are internally redirecting.  This post will guide you through building Tinyproxy from source on Ubuntu 12.04 as a complete installation and working system.

I couldn’t find any decent guides out there on how to make this work, so I thought I’d put one together.  Hopefully my research will come in useful for someone else…  Warning this is a little more in-depth than my usual tutorials, but I promise it will be worth it in the end.

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3 Ethical Dilemma for Information Security Professionals

Having worked in Information Governance and Assurance for a few years now I have yet to come across any information regarding information security and ethics. Which to me is an area where more thought into the issues surrounding what we do as InfoSec Professionals and the ethical ramifications.

There are discussions surrounding disclosure, and how to disclose things like flaws and bugs to the appropriate authorities but little to dictate how we should do our work on a regular basis.

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