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IPSec VPN Host to Host on Ubuntu 14.04 with strongSwan


After spending a crazy amount of time trying to find something up to date regarding network security and host to host VPN I decided to write something which will hopefully be useful to other people in the same situation.

Setting up a host to host IPSec connection between two or more hosts running Ubuntu isn’t always a simple process. We want encryption to protect all the communication between two hosts and for this tutorial we will be using what I feel to be the simplest method of using Pre-shared Keys (PSK).

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Pyrit Benchmark for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Pyrit Benchmark

I’ve been playing with my Raspberry Pi quite a bit lately, it’s a wonderful bit of kit.  If you don’t have one already go and buy one!  The cost/power balance is really amazing.  This post is in no way a criticism of a Raspberry Pi, it is a wonderful computer made with education in mind and I am certainly learning!
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How to Create a CSR with Nginx using OpenSSL


Creating a CSR to enable you to get an SSL certificate cannot be easier on Nginx especially when you use OpenSSL.

SSH onto your Linux box as usual.

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What is


I’ve noticed that my page about has picked up quite a lot of traffic with people asking the same question, so I’ve decided to write this to post to explain what is.

Whenever you logon anywhere with your username or email address and password that site has to store those details to make sure you are who you say you are.  In storing those details you have to make sure that they are safe from prying eyes.

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How Secure is Your Password? Rainbow Tables Online


Wow, just wow, came across the other day, it’s a huge online resource full of hash values and their corresponding plain text strings.

Like most people, I am human and don’t have a limitless brain for remembering secure and one off passwords, so I tend to recycle about a dozen.  Dependant on how damaging access to the site would be depends on what password I use.  Also I don’t like pointing accounts to other accounts (ie registering on forums with the same password as the mail account etc) just common sense I guess.  My passwords are on a sliding scale of complexity, sometimes I’ll apply a unique salt myself, but not always.

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