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Blocking Countries on Nginx without the GeoIP Module


Sometimes blocking entire swathes of the world is the way to go if you truly want a defense in depth approach on your web apps, for instance do your administrators truly need to log on from every country on Earth?  As website administrators we get a feel for where our legitimate traffic is coming from and where we see nefarious connections from.

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Setting up Nginx with Cloudflare


I’ve written about the very excellent Cloudflare CDN before.  It’s a fantastic content delivery network with inbuilt security, I love it.  This is another quick howto to get your Nginx web server working properly with Cloudflare.

I will assume you already have a working LEMP server working.

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Quick & Easy Nginx Load Balancer with Backend


This will be a very quick and easy example.  Sometimes you may need to use Nginx as a front end, webcache, load balancer or front end proxy.  As a clue in Nginx speak they are all the same thing.

Things like this can come in very useful not only for load balancing but also if you’re navigating IPSec VPNs.

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Nginx Not Showing Client IP and Varnish Not Forwarding Client IP


I came across a setup using numerous Varnish front end cache servers with one Nginx backend server.  All built on Ubuntu machines.  It appeared that Varnish was not forwarding the client IP to the backend server, which meant that the only records in the web server logs was the IP addresses of the Varnish Cache servers.

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How to Install a SSL Certificate on Nginx

Uber Vault

Last time I showed how easy it is to create an SSL request on Nginx, this time I’ll show you how easy it is to get your site up and running with it.

You are going to need your server.key file we created last time and the text of the SSL certificate.  Most keys I’ve ever bought provide you with the actual file and the text in the email for your key.

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