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How to Block Ads on iPhone and iPad Jailbreak Free

Disclaimer – This walkthrough involves equipment other than your iPhone or iPad in order to work!

This will also probably work on any other computer, smartphone or tablet that supports HTTP proxies.

iPad before Ad Blocking

iPad before Ad Blocking

iPad after Ad Blocking

iPad after Ad Blocking

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Game D Story – Hardware Engineer

Well I got this game on the App Store and I must admit I love it!  For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s a simulation for a computer game company.  I know it doesn’t sound too great, but when was the last time you heard of a shooting cosplay game?  Well if that sounds like a game for you check it out on the App Store and have a mosey on their website.

It’s so addictive I must admit, yes it’s repetitive but the fun is perpetually trying to improve your game ranking, it’s the perfect mix for a game, addictive yet simple.

It took me a while to figure something out, and that was how to develop your own console.  The option for the development comes up quite early on in the game, and it took me a while to figure it, here’s what you do;

  1. Employ specific staff, when recruiting scroll down on their stats on the person screen for people with a “Hardware Engineer” skill (I found that Mr X and Cookie Battleson had the right skill, and there was another guy too, but can’t remember his name).
  2. Level your person up to level 5.
  3. Use the “Career Change Manual” from the traveling sales man to change to a different discipline (you may want to stock up on these you’ll need a few)
  4. Go back to number 2 until you get the “Hardware Engineer” option appear.

You may want to develop some games using “Research” while you follow the above process.

Have fun!

Opera on iPhone

Hm, not entirely sure I like Opera on iPhone for one reason: it puts my web traffic through their own proxies and there doesn’t appear to be a way of turning it off.

I installed it and did some browsing and discovered some of my websites weren’t looking right, looked up the IP address and it wasn’t one from where it should have been.  Hm, looks like they’re pushing traffic through their own proxy servers, not good, quickly uninstalled it.  I have enough concerns with privacy without putting another third party in the loop.

Have a look at a review on The Register.

The Secret of Monkey Island

Noticed today that Secret of Monkey Island one and two have made it onto the app store! I am now reliving my youth with classic 386 gaming for the bargain price of 59 pence.

But come on Lucasarts let’s have Day Of The Tentacle and Sam and Max hit the road too please for iPhone, they were classics!!!