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IBM TV Adverts

Just seen an advert on the TV for IBM and I must admit from an IT, business and marketing perspective they are very interesting.

They don’t seem to advertise any products, what they do show is that IBM in an innovator.  Also they don’t tell me what they are selling, they just tell me what they’ve done.

I remember one a while ago that was a meeting discussing why their website was down, no one seemed to know why and it transpires that the senior lady chairing the meeting was the one responsible for making it work. Always made me wonder that one, who the devil was that advert aimed at?  I can’t find it online anywhere, if someone has a link I’d be very interested.

This most recent one was about a hospital, again I’m not entirely sure that if I was responsible for building a hospital I’d be taking my ideas from an advert on prime time TV.

You may say that these adverts are about brand awareness.  However without knowing already that IBM don’t make desktops and laptops these adverts would probably be lost on me.  From my understanding they do a lot with integration of systems, so I dare say they’re advertising themselves as brand innovators and pioneers, but to be fair I’m not sure how much business I’d put their way with such a piecemeal and disjointed advertising strategy.