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Setting up Nginx with Cloudflare


I’ve written about the very excellent Cloudflare CDN before.  It’s a fantastic content delivery network with inbuilt security, I love it.  This is another quick howto to get your Nginx web server working properly with Cloudflare.

I will assume you already have a working LEMP server working.

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Quick & Easy Nginx Load Balancer with Backend


This will be a very quick and easy example.  Sometimes you may need to use Nginx as a front end, webcache, load balancer or front end proxy.  As a clue in Nginx speak they are all the same thing.

Things like this can come in very useful not only for load balancing but also if you’re navigating IPSec VPNs.

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Useful SSH Commands (Including Mac OSX)


SSH Port Forwarding Examples

SSH is a very flexible and very useful tool for those of us working across multiple systems sometimes in multiple locations.  Here are a few SSH commands I regularly use and include mostly SSH port forwarding.  I use all these commands regularly on Linux and Mac OSX and they all work quite happily!

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Let’s See How You Like The Red Dot

Let's See How You Like the Red Dot

Saw this on everyone’s favorite time wasting site and I thought I’d share.  It’s great that the picture with the cat is in use so much, I use it for my own forum signature image!

Good work asmk47 I love it :)

Original 9gag link here.

Anonymous FTP on Ubuntu 12.04 Server with VSFTPD


I know that basic FTP is not ideal and not secure.  But it is widely supported and used, and sometimes if we’re moving around large files across a network it comes in incredibly useful.

This tutorial will go through setting up an FTP server on Ubuntu 12.04 Server which is allowing anonymous connections.  I wouldn’t recommend you try this on an internet facing host, and would recommend when not in use you turn VSFTP off even on your internal network.

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